Friday, March 18, 2011

 I was driving around town the other day and noticed that the railroad around town was completely filled with freight cars, but they were mostly the ones used for hauling lumber. I didn't find them to be too interesting, but then I came across a section of tracks that had about five passenger cars parked on it. I had asked my friend Doug to come with me the first time I went there, but he couldn't make it. I was a little creeped out when I was taking the first round of pictures, but then things got worse when I started hearing noises from the train. I was alone with two cameras in the middle of nowhere in the perfect place for people to be hiding out. Needless to say, I got out of there as soon as I got some quick pics from the outside of the train.
The next week, Doug came with me. He turned out to be many orders braver than me. He climbed into the train and checked the area for stowaways before we took the pictures that we so badly wanted to take. These pictures are only from the first three cars. The last two cars had the windows welded shut with sheet metal over the door leading to them was only slightly ajar and even gave Doug the feeling that he should stay out. We got through taking pics just as we started consistently hearing suspicious noises from the back end of the train. We promptly exited the train and walked back to my car, glancing nervously over our shoulders the whole way. I've never been so glad to get away from a "photo shoot". Hope you like them.